About us

ARENATA - online store and Fulfillment platform for selling branded goods, clothes, perfumes, shoes. We offer high-quality top brand clothes, shoes, and accessories, but our catalog is way not limited only in fashion goods. Here you can also find home equipment, electronics, food additives, cosmetics, adult toys, sex toys and many more.

About us

We have an enormous warehouse and team of professionals, that is responsible for various product selection, an exact description of every product and fast delivery to every client.

In addition to our end-clients, we also work extremely well with our b2b partners. We are one of the first platforms in Eastern Europe that provide absolutely complete fulfillment service. Everyone who is interested to sell in ARENATA will receive:

•           Personal online store with address: yourname.arenata.com

•           Professional pictures and upload of your products on the PLATFORM

•           Storage and good care for your products at our warehouse

•           Communication with your clients from different countries

•           Fast preparation and delivery of orders to your clients

•           Free commercial of your products on ARENATA.com and other partnership platforms

•           Assistance for other digital marketing instruments and your personal page on Facebook and Google, through our partner company MadPixi.com, that provides marketing management and professional Banner design.

In our portfolio, you will find thousands of worldwide famous brands with offers in high, medium and low price class goods. This way we provide to our customers a wide variety of products, and the best proportion between price and quality.

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