Fulfillment Partners

The lowest price for a complete fulfillment service in the world!

For the very first time in Bulgaria, here is a unique business opportunity, fully developed Fulfillment service from ARENATA, only for 5% commission!

You have an online store, but your clients are not enough, and you have plenty of stock that stays unsold? You produce or import products that you can't sale and you are looking for already working online market? You do not have any experience in online sales, you do not have the required resources, time and a team of professionalists for your start in online trading? So, what you need is our brand new Fulfillment service.

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment warehouse

Develop your own international online business, without the need for any investment in software, warehouse, and team, we will provide them to you. Propose good goods at attractive prices, that is what is required of you.

Became a provider in the international platform for online trading ARENATA.com.

Unlike other similar platforms, we provide a fully developed Fulfillment service.

Here you will receive:

1. Personal online store with address: yourname.arenata.com

2. Administrative account through which you will be able to observe your products, to track orders in real-time, and to manage the view of your site.

3. We will store your products in our warehouse.

4. We will take photos of the products and will upload them on the platform.

5. We will provide you high-quality communication with your clients from different countries.

6. We will process and deliver all orders to your clients.

7. We will take care of all the claims of your clients.

8. Through all this time all your products will be visible and available for orders not only at your personal domain (yourname.arenata.com) but also on the global domain ARENATA.com, and some other platforms that already collaborate with us.

9. We provide additional advertising for your products and personal page on Facebook and Google through our partner company MadPixi.com, offering Advertising Management and professional Banner Design.

10. We provide additional promotional positioning for your products at ARENATA.com

We have an enormous warehouse and a team of professionals that will work for you.

What kind of goods you can sell in ARENATA:

•           Clothes: Ladies, Mans, and Children

•           Shoes: Ladies, Mans, and Children

•           Bags

•           Fashion accessories

•           Watches

•           Technics / Electronics

•           Home equipment

Register here: https://my.arenata.com/

For any other questions about our service feel free to contact us here:

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